Silver Apples – song cycle for coloratura soprano

Photo by Jenna Kageyama
Photo by Jenna Kageyama.

Composer Liam Wade created the enchanting song cycle SILVER APPLES in 2008 soprano Ann Moss pianist Steve Bailey. Described as “extremely engaging and humorous” in San Francisco Classical Voice, SILVER APPLES traces the energetic journey of one full cycle of the moon, from the innocence of a new moon through the lunacy and gravity of the waxing and full moon, returning again to the clarity of the new moon. Wade’s eclectic settings incorporate elements of blues, rag-time, Nadia Boulanger piano exercises, and even the sound of a cat walking on the keyboard, while his writing for Moss allows her to explore every corner and color of her varied vocal palette, from high-flying coloratura fireworks to Swedish-Chef inspired scat singing to a dog’s mournful howl, and even a hint of Vincent Price style narration.

See a performance of SILVER APPLES here!

SILVER APPLES is available on Ann Moss’s debut album Currents.