Marsch der Odenwälder Trachtenkapelle for marching band

Odenwaelder TrachtenkapelleCommissioned as the official march of the Odenwälder Trachtenkapelle. 

Duration: 4 minutes




  • 4 flutes
  • 1 oboe
  • 4 Bb clarinets
  • 1 alto saxophone
  • 2 tenor saxophones
  • 1 bassoon
  • 3 Bb trumpet
  • 4 Bb flugel horns
  • 1 horn in F
  • 2 trombones
  • 1 bass trombone
  • 2 baritone horns
  • 2 tubas
  • percussion (cymbals, snare, bass drum).


About The Odenwälder Trachtenkapelle:


The Odenwälder Trachtenkapelle Walldürn e. V., founded in 1987, is a music society based in Walldürn, Germany. It currently counts about 350 members, and is associated with the Blasmusikverband Odenwald-Bauland.

The Odenwälder Trachtenkapelle ensemble is a 38 piece classical brass band, complemented by bass, keyboards, and singers. They cover a wide range of musical genres and events.

OTK1As representative of the city Walldürn, they have performed in parades at the Munich’s Oktoberfest and Stuttgart’s Cannstatter Wasen; in Montereau (France) and Szentgotthárd (Hungary); and at festivals such as the opening ceremony of the Mannheim Christmas Market.